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NameAgeOVAPOTTeam & Contract ValueWageTotal StatsHits
GK308585 €26M€40K1347 10
RB267980 €13M€31K2022 14
CB258283 €23.5M€36K1916 25
CB RB227984 €15M€26K1772 39
LB CB247781 €10M€23K1934 15
CDM CM287980 €12.5M€32K1861 9
CDM CB CM228186 €21.5M€30K2040 88
CM CAM227886 €15M€27K1961 59
RW RM CF287979 €12.5M€38K1918 12
CF308080 €14.5M€39K2104 6
ST LW268082 €18M€39K2031 21
GK317474 €3.6M€18K1186 3
RB CB On Loan196783
Hamburger SV
Jun 30, 2020
€1.5M€3K1625 18
CB RB297676 €6.5M€26K1794 2
LB337676 €3.5M€25K2020 3
CAM CM217581 €9M€19K1886 17
CDM CB297676 €6.5M€26K1800 2
CAM CM267879 €12M€31K1911 8
CF ST347777 €4.7M€31K1958 5
ST LW218084 €20M€30K1930 71
ST CAM227784 €12.5M€27K1905 46
GK326767 €475K€7K1166 1
LM RB LB317575 €6M€26K1985 3

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