When you order Messi from wish.com

Don't know why Arteta doesn't give em a chance man, at least they would put 100% in every match unlike the senior players

You sound like a reasonable and sound-minded individual

Henry said that he couldnt even watch a game with him as a captain lmao

albanian lee cattermole

You are a Madrid and a Barca fan. You shouldn’t be talking

game face isn't tooo bad

lmao how do u get a height so wrong

*drug dealer

Liam Payne

Gimme those drugs

Welcome to Pompey!!

yes , maybe not but why not

Russia needs added again

Deserved call up.

If you disagree, it really isn’t relevant

Stewart Downing? It probably means I can create a chance every 38 minutes as well..

Tell me if you've heard this one before. Chelsea sent him on loan

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