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If you can't be happy when a players scores on his first touch after an injury leaving him out of the game he loves for almost a year, regardless of the team you support, this is not the sport for you. Congratulations Marco on a wonderful comeback.

Sadly a lot of our fans and management didn’t appreciate what Gattuso did for us in the short time he was with us. Couldn’t be more happy for him, I could only wish it would’ve been with us. Forza Gattuso 👏🏼

Dont let the fact hes being turned into a sofifa meme distract you from the fact he sucks IRL

One of England best talents. Doesn’t get recognition cause he plays for Burnley


Ok guys we did it...

The list of the official retards of sofifa

(This is no ranking)

Tony Dirks

Oscar (kinda legend here)



Eise Kalypzo

Reeses Puffs

Colin Axelsson (King of the retards)

Diptera (Sweden and RM)


Ragnar(was and is a bit still)





Alexander (was and sometimes is)

That's Great cause now he will be super successful

Can’t believe Chelsea rejected him from there academy. Huge talent

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