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Name OVA ATT MID DEF Players Creator
FIFA 20 Feb 13, 2020 65 68 65 66 26
Feb 18, 2020
FIFA 20 Jan 24, 2020 70 70 72 70 29
Jan 27, 2020
FIFA 20 Nov 22, 2019 73 73 72 75 27
Dec 4, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 69 71 70 67 33
Nov 4, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 73 78 72 74 28
Oct 30, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 76 76 78 75 23
Oct 30, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 69 74 71 68 27
Oct 30, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 71 72 73 72 30
Oct 30, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 72 74 72 74 27
Oct 30, 2019
FIFA 20 Oct 29, 2019 70 71 71 69 31
Oct 30, 2019
Name Players Creator
FIFA 19 Apr 23, 2019 34
Apr 24, 2019
FIFA 19 Apr 8, 2019 61
Oct 3, 2018
NameAgeOVAPOTTeam & Contract ValueWageTotal StatsHits
CDM CM267175
2020 ~ 2024
€2.7M€5K1850 6
CAM CM247378
2019 ~ 2022
€5.5M€11K1950 9
FIFA 16  J. Loza
ST On Loan
Southend United
May 31, 2016
€375K€2K1486 1
CM CAM RM256467
Burton Albion
2019 ~ 2021
€550K€3K1762 2
FIFA 19  G. Bigirimana
2019 ~ 2019
€700K€2K1821 2
FIFA 19  A. Ajeti
246670 €700K€4K1571 4
FIFA20 Feb 13, 2020
69 68 Potential
ST On Loan276868
KSV Cercle Brugge
Jun 30, 2020
€950K€7K1648 6
FIFA 15  P. Camara
Valenciennes FC
2012 ~ 2015
€350K€5K1712 1
LB LM On Loan267677
Jun 30, 2020
€8M€47K1998 21
Valenciennes FC
2019 ~ 2021
€850K€2K1823 5
Player - Nélson Semedo3 weeks ago

Why? He's 5'10 which is fine for an outside CB in a 3CB formation. He's also better defensively than going forward. Looks like Setien is actually doing the same thing with Sergi Roberto, even playing both of them together right now.

Player - Nélson Semedo4 weeks ago

I think Semedo will become a sort of RCB in a back 3 under Quique. Alba will push high up the wing while Semedo tucks in.

Player - Takumi Minamino9 weeks ago

You're so angry lmfao calm down kid

Player - Takumi Minamino9 weeks ago

Calm down you fucking spastic. Pep brought Pedro and Busquets in from Barca B to a treble-winning side. He turned Pique from a United reject to one of the best center backs of the generation. Iniesta was only a rotation player and became one of the world's best under Pep. And I never said Pep didn't spend or spends less than Klopp. My point is that any time Pep buys someone he gets backlash but when Klopp does there's nothing. Yes City spend a lot but they spend wisely. KdB, Sane, Bernardo, Mahrez, each of them cost less than half of what Pogba or Maguire or VvD or Alisson did. People say Pep "bought the league" because of spending 100m on fullbacks while ignoring the fact that the squad he inherited had Zabaleta, Sagna, Clichy, and Kolarov as the fullbacks all of whom were over 30 and awful. It got to the point where he was playing Jesus Navas at RB. None of the purchases Pep has made at City have been insane money and almost every player he's bought has been under 23 while other clubs have bought the top talents who were already elite. And saying he took Bayern backwards is idiotic seeing as they had never won the league 3 times in a row. Klopp never finished within 10 points of Pep while he was with Bayern and even finished 7th one season. Basing "the best team in the world" on the Champions League is also stupid but if that's your rationale then Pep has had the best team in the world twice and Klopp only once. If all you had to do was spend to be good then Leicester would never have won the Premier League and United would be top 3 every season. Clearly you just hate Pep and it's honestly childish how angry you are by anyone even daring to mention that there's a double standard between the two of them.

Player - Takumi Minamino9 weeks ago

If Pep bought a guy like this everyone would complain that he spends money instead of playing youth like Foden. Yet when Klopp buys him instead of playing youth like Herbie Kane it's a "smart purchase".

Player - Spencer Richey10 weeks ago

I mean, that's essentially what a trial is.

Player - Ansu Fati14 weeks ago

It says joined in August 2019 so probably not until January since he would be a "new signing"

Player - Andreas Voglsammer14 weeks ago

Looks really good and cheap because his overall is lower as a winger

Player - Spencer Richey15 weeks ago

On trial at Crystal Palace

Team - Crystal Palace15 weeks ago

They have goalkeeper Spencer Richey from FC Cincinnati in MLS on trial right now

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