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Sep 22, 2020
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2 points
6 hours ago

disastrous management

1 points
12 hours ago

i'll break it down for you since it seems you're having difficulties understanding.

minutes played in la liga last season:

vinicius - 1,354 mins

hazard - 1,086 mins

rodrygo - 1,023 mins

ansu fati - 1,024 mins

goals scored in la liga last season:

vinicius - 3 goals

hazard - 1 goal

rodrygo - 2 goals

ansu fati - 7 goals

and just a reminder, ansu is just 17 years old. so tell me again how he's hardly scored a goal 😁

0 points
13 hours ago

extremely fortunate to receive just a 4 game suspension

1 points
13 hours ago

"has hardly scored a goal" yet scored more goals in la liga last season than hazard, rodrygo, and vinicius combined 😂😂😂

0 points
14 hours ago

so explain sergi roberto having quadruple the assists at the same position? excuses nonstop for this mediocre speed merchant

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14 hours ago

a team can only "regret" selling a player if they were sold before getting a proper chance or if they're sold after giving a lot for the club. did barca regret selling andre gomes after improving at everton? no. semedo got plenty of chances and simply did not perform for 3 seasons straight. if he does well at wolves then good for him but there's nothing to regret at all.

2 points
14 hours ago

sergi roberto played 10x better at right back than semedo at barca and that's a fact

6 points
14 hours ago

this is gonna be messi and suarez when barca plays atleti this season


1 points
1 day ago

my bad i just get triggered whenever i see people trying to defend semedo's horrific performances at barca.

but anyways, about the match, barca only attacked in a 4-3-1-2, but definitely defended in a 4-4-2 shape which is why thiago went the entire game without being pressed bc suarez and messi were inactive. sergi roberto was defensively positioned at right mid to help defend that side, but you seem to be forgetting that he was subbed out at half time for griezmann.

in the second half vidal was then defensively positioned at right mid to help instead, and griezmann tracked back every time as well too.

maybe you need to rewatch that davies run goal because you'll see the reason semedo was up against him is because he went past messi and left vidal in the dust before going 1v1 with semedo. now, yes davies is fantastic but you cannot seriously tell me that semedo defended him even remotely well on that play. he stood parallel to him like an idiot basically ASKING to be skinned alive, not stopping him from going either way. amateur defending.

stupid pass to sergi roberto for 2-1, dispossessed trying to shield the ball out of play for 4-1, destroyed by davies for 5-2, failed to block the cross for 6-2, abysmal positioning with the defensive line playing lucas onside for 8-2.

apart from watching that match live, i've rewatched it twice too and can confidently say semedo dropped the worst champions league performance of the last 10 years that night, he was shocking in all aspects, there's no 2 ways around it.


tested positive for covid after starting in a match for madrid. oh boy, here we go again

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